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Bar Soap Citrus/Cocoa 5.3 oz

$9.00 USD

Looking for a citrus scented soap? This one has a refreshing citrus scent with a unique swirl. The colors were achieved with the use of cocoa powder, lemon peel powder and titanium dioxide. Some say it looks like a dessert. Lemon Essential Oil was used for the scent. This bar is fairly large at 5 oz, and has a good lather. This is an all natural soap that can help those with skin allergies or sensitivities. No chemicals are used to cause irritation and leaves skin soft, yet clean. The design can add a nice touch to your bathroom decor when not in use.


Ingredients: distilled water, saponified oils of Olive,Palm, Coconut, Rice Bran, Sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, lemon essential oil, cocoa powder, titanium dioxide, lemon peel powder, sodium lactate.