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Lavender Soap 4.85 oz

$9.00 USD

One of my top sellers!

This luxurious soap has lots of nourishing oils that's gentle on skin yet cleans effectively. This natural soap has a wonderful lavender scent that's not too strong, with the use of essential oil. Just enough coconut oil is added for effective cleansing and helps create a bubbly yet creamy lather. Order a bar today for that luxurious spa like cleansing experience. No artificial scents or ingredients are used to help with those with sensitivities, or who just don't want chemicals they can't pronounce in their soap.

To care for soap: Allow to dry between uses on a draining soap tray or by hanging with a soap pouch. Soap trays and nets are also available in my shop.

Ingredients: Water, Saponified oils of Rice Bran, Coconut, Palm, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond and Castor, Lavender Essential Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Lavender Mica, Sodium Lactate.

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