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Beard Balm 2 oz

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This is a thick, salve like beard balm that is not waxy or sticky. Helps moisturize your beard without being too heavy. Virginia Cedarwood essential oil, Lavender Essential oil and Tea tree essential oil aid in the antiseptic and protective properties and create the Woodsy scent. Vitamin E adds antioxidant and preserving properties.Scotch Whisky is a fragrance oil, not an essential oil.  Only a small amount is needed to moisturize a beard of average length. May soften or melt at high temperatures. Do not leave in a hot car or very warm environment.

Two scents available: Scotch Whisky and Woodsy. 


New Scent !!!  a soft hold balm with a blend of essential oils to include peppermint and lemongrass. Contains lanolin wax and beeswax.